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Mumbai Quotes

Known as City of Dreams, Mumbai is the financial capital of India, alongwith home to the Bollywood. Mumbai has many stories to share. Stories which can be easily learnt by the following quotes.

Take Pune’s people. Put them in Delhi. Add Bangalore’s weather, Mumbai’s night life. And Goa’s beer. That’s my ideal Indian town.

Life isn't about having, it's about being. You could surround yourself with all that money can buy, and you'd still be as miserable as a human can be. I know people with perfect bodies who don't have half the happiness I've found. On my journeys I've seen more joy in the slums of Mumbai and the orphanages of Africa than in wealthy gated communities and on sprawling estates worth millions.
Nick Vujicic

In this city, every deserted street corner conceals a crowd. It appears in a minute when something disrupts the way in which the world is supposed to work. It can disappear almost as instantaneously."
Jerry Pinto, Em and The Big Hoom

Never follow the crowd.... Until and unless you're crossing the road...
Sanhita Baruah

Mumbai is not a city, it's a way of life.

Mumbai is different! It’s busy, it’s dusty, it’s posh, it’s different from everything I’ve ever known. You can barely see the sky, hidden behind the tall buildings, the moon seems so detached, the trees look indifferent and distant.
Debalina Haldar, Wrinkles in Memory

Bombay, you will be told, is the only city India has, in the sense that the word city is understood in the West. Other Indian metropolises like Calcutta, Madras and Delhi are like oversized villages. It is true that Bombay has many more high-rise buildings than any other Indian city: when you approach it by the sea it looks like a miniature New York. It has other things to justify its city status: it is congested, it has traffic jams at all hours of the day, it is highly polluted and many parts of it stink.
Khushwant Singh, Truth, Love and a Little Malice

Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts - providing opportunities to millionaires to pursue their riches and millions of poor to pursue livelihood. For many, Mumbai is a city where their dreams begin; for many others, it marks and end of a dream.
Duvvuri Subbarao, Who Moved My Interest Rate: Leading the Reserve Bank Through Five Turbulent Years

More dreams are realized and extinguished in Bombay than any other place in India.
Gregory David Roberts

It's not so much what you learn about Mumbai, it's what you learn about yourself, really. It's a funny old hippie thing, but it's true as well. You find out a lot about yourself and your tolerance, and about your inclusiveness
Danny Boyle

In Mumbai, the air is saltier. The sea is roilier. The traffic is snarlier. The pinks are pinker. The ostentation is crazier.
Hanya Yanagihara

Mumbai's infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai, I don't think you can live anywhere else.
Yash Chopra

Mumbai is like Manhattan. There's a certain pace, a social life and the thrill of a professional life.
Madhuri Dixit

Mumbai may not be my city. But it is my kind of city.
Vikas Swarup

People talk about places like Mumbai as a tale of two cities, as if the rich and poor don't have anything to do with each other.
Katherine Boo

The thing about Mumbai is you go five yards and all of human existence is revealed. It's an incredible cavalcade of life, and I love that.
Julian Sands

In every conversation I've had - with housewives in Mumbai, with middle-class people, upper-class, in the slums - everyone says there is an underlying consciousness of karma. That people believe in karma - that what you're putting out is going to come back. If I do something to you, the energy of it is going to come back to me in the future.
Deepak Chopra

What is most amusing and can happen only in India is that the most posh and big households that I've seen in Mumbai, the 'big city', will have their balconies and windows festooned with rows of baniyans and tauliyas hanging on them.
Kailash Kher

You can take the boy out of the Bombay; you can’t take Bombay out the boy, you know.
Salman Rushdie

Everything, or everybody, was on the move in every direction. There was no place to stop, no place to dawdle, you either moved or get moved.
Kalpish Ratna