Mother in Law Quotes

Mother in Law Quotes
Mother in Law Quotes
Mother in Law Quotes i.e. some cute, funny and hilarious quotes about mother-in-law. If yes, now you don't need to search for them anymore. As here I have compiled down some of the cutest and funny mother in law quotes for you. Just hope you will like the quote compilation and share some of these quotes with your family and friends, especially with your mother in law ;)

Behind every successful man is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law.Hubert H. Humphrey

Yes, life could be better. But it could also be worse. Don't believe me? Allow me introduce you to my mother-in-law.
Jarod Kintz

Just got back from a pleasure trip: I took my mother-in-law to the airport.
Henny Youngman

My mother-in-law speaks not a word of English. I speak not a word of Tajiki. So I smile at her ingratiatingly and she fixes me with a beady eye.
Wilbur Smith

I saw six men kicking and punching the mother-in-law. My neighbour said 'Are you going to help?' I said 'No, six should be enough.'
Les Dawson

My mother-in-law fell down a wishing well. I was amazed; I never knew they worked.
Les Dawson

My mother-in-law had a pain beneath her left breast. Turned out to be a trick knee.
Phyllis Diller

I can't believe she's lived this long. God must be avoiding her.
Brian Francis

But there, everything has its drawbacks, as the man said when his mother-in-law died, and they came down upon him for the funeral expenses.
Jerome K. Jerome

Be kind to your mother-in-law, but pay for her board at some good hotel.
Josh Billings

A mother-in-law is better than a single and childless political persona, though.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky

I told my mother-in-law that my house was her house, and she said, 'Get the hell off my property.'
Joan Rivers

I have no problem putting my feet up and watching football but my mother-in-law is always doing stuff.

I took my mother-in-law to Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors, and one of the attendants said: 'Keep her moving sir; we're stock-taking.'
Les Dawson

Conscience is a mother-in-law whose visit never ends.
H. L. Mencken

The mother-in-law had an accident at work. A hot rivet dropped down her drawers and she fell off the oil rig.
Les Dawson