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Cat Quotes i.e. searching for some cute and funny cat quotes. If yes, now you don't need to search for them anymore. As here I have compiled down some of the cutest and funny cat quotes. Just hope you will like the quote compilation and able to find something cute and funny to say or write down about your lovely cat ;)

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Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.
Garrison Keillor

Time spent with a cat is never wasted.

What greater gift than the love of a cat.
Charles Dickens

A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.
Ernest Hemingway

Cats don't need to be possessed; they're evil on their own.
Peter Kreeft

I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.
Hippolyte Taine

Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later.
Mary Bly

Anyone who believes what a cat tells him deserves all he gets.
Neil Gaiman

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.
Jules Verne

When I play with my cat, who knows if I am not a pastime to her more than she is to me?
Michel de Montaigne

Never try to outstubborn a cat.
Robert A. Heinlein

My cat is not insane, she's just a really good actress.
P.C. Cast

There is, incidently, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person.
Dan Greenberg

Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience.
Pam Brown

A home without a cat — and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat — may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title?
Mark Twain

The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats...
Albert Schweitzer

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.
Jean Cocteau

If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That's what people remember.
Terry Pratchett

I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time.
Neil Gaiman

Ignorant people think it is the noise which fighting cats make that is so aggravating, but it ain't so; it is the sickening grammar that they use.
Mark Twain

Meow means woof in cat.
George Carlin

You cannot live with a paw in each world.
Erin Hunter

There are no ordinary cats.

The problem with cats is that they get the same exact look whether they see a moth or an ax-murderer.
Paula Poundstone

Terry Pratchett

If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.
Mark Twain

No matter how much the cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.
Abraham Lincoln

The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
Leonardo da Vinci

Like all pure creatures, cats are practical.
William S. Burroughs

Cats are the lap-dancers of the animal world. Soon as you stop shelling out, they move on, find another lap. They're furry little sociopaths. Pretty and slick -- in love with themselves. When's the last time you saw a seeing-eye cat?
Andrew Vachss

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.
James Herriot

Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons.
Robertson Davies

a person that started in to carry a cat home by the tail was gitting knowledge that was always going to be useful to him, and warn't ever going to grow dim or doubtful.
Mark Twain

In nine lifetimes, you'll never know as much about your cat as your cat knows about you.
Michel de Montaigne

Cats will amusingly tolerate humans only until someone comes up with a tin opener that can be operated with a paw.
Terry Pratchett

When Rome burned, the emperor's cats still expected to be fed on time
Seanan McGuire

Sometimes you need to look at life from different perspective.