Negative People Quotes

Searching for some inspirational negative people quotes and sayings. If yes, now you don't need to search for them anymore. As here I have compiled down some of the inspiring and funny quotes about negative people. Just hope you will like the quote compilation and learn something new from here.

You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.
Joel Osteen

When you are pursuing your dreams, they will call you CRAZY because they are LAZY. They never know you are a HERO who just jumped away from step ZERO. Stay away from negative people; they will only pollute you.
Israelmore Ayivor

Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say
W.H. Auden

Expect while reaching for the stars, people to whirl by with their dark clouds and storm upon you.
Anthony Liccione

If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.
Michael Jordan

You learn far more from negative leadership than from positive leadership. Because you learn how not to do it. And, therefore, you learn how to do it.
Norman Schwarzkopf

There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. That little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.
Robert Collier

A lot of times people look at the negative side of what they feel they can't do. I always look on the positive side of what I can do.
Chuck Norris

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.
Kurt Vonnegut

Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out
Robert Tew

You know your testimony is strong when your roots are so deep that other people’s storms will never knock you over.
Shannon L. Alder

If you stare at someone long enough, they'll eventually look back at you.
Cory Doctorow

Don't waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.
Paulo Coelho

. . . it is true, even people with painful childhoods. . . grow up to be more interesting people. So, there's always a positive to a negative.
Barbra Streisand

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.
Abraham Lincoln

It's just not worth it to be so stressed and angry about everything. Life's generally not so bad- most people just choose to see the negative.
Kelly Oram

Other people's views and troubles can be contagious. Don't sabotage yourself by unwittingly adopting negative, unproductive attitudes through your associations with others.

Relationships with negative people are simply tedious encounters with porcupines. You don’t have the remote knowledge how to be close to them without quills being shot in your direction.
Shannon L. Alder