Second Chance Quotes

Searching for quotes and sayings about second chances. If yes, now you don't need to search for them anymore. As here I have compiled some of the best inspirational quotes on second chance. Just hope you feel inspired and able to take your second chance after going through this quote compilation.

Second Chance Quotes

It was then that I realized I wasn't afraid to lose my life; I was afraid to lose the life I could've lived.
Amanda Nuri

In case you never get a second chance: don't be afraid! And what if you do get a second chance? You take it!
C. JoyBell C.

A lifetime isn't forever, so take the first chance, don't wait for the second one! Because sometimes, there aren't second chances! And if it turns out to be a mistake? So what! This is life! A whole bunch of mistakes! But if you never get a second chance at something you didn't take a first chance at? That's true failure.
C. JoyBell C.

There are no second chances in life, except to feel remorse.
Carlos Ruiz Zafón

For every action, there's an infinity of outcomes. Countless trillions are possible, many milliards are likely,millions might be considered probable, several occur as possibilities to us as observers - and one comes true.
China Miéville, The Scar

Some things just couldn't be protectd from storms. Some things simply needed to be broken off...Once old thing were broken off, amazingly beautiful thing could grow in their place.
Denise Hildreth Jones

Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.
Emily Dickinson,

You did respond—your response was the worst kind—you did nothing.
Emily Franklin

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
Francis Bacon

if youre never scared, or embarased, or hurt, it means you never take any chances.
Julia Sorel

Miracles were just second chances if you really thought about it--second chances when all hope was lost.
Kaya McLaren

It's funny. No matter how hard you try, you can't close your heart forever. And the minute you open it up, you never know what's going to come in. But when it does, you just have to go for it! Because if you don't, there's not point in being here.
Kirstie Alley

All life's a risk, that's what makes it interesting.
Megan Chance

If only I have the guts to tell; If only you have the heart to listen.
Noor Iskandar

Know this for sure: When you get the chance, go for it.
Oprah Winfrey

When a man is pushed, tormented, defeated, he has a chance to learn something.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

In life we don't always get what we want; hopes and dreams get washed away so easily, hearts are broken, chances are missed, and we always seem to end up right back where we started.
Rebecah McManus

Only those who never step, never stumble.
Richard Paul Evans

Every person has a dark side. What defines a person with good character is not a spotless life of constant kindness, smiles and even temperament. But rather, it’s the yearning to learn from your mistakes, applying it, making amends for them and choosing not to repeat them that defines good character. These are the friends to keep in your life because they have stared adversity in the face and became a better person because of it.
Shannon L. Alder

You just don’t get it. The point I’m trying to make—the point you’re deliberately ignoring—is that tomorrow it might all go away. You have to do what you want and take what you want now.
Steph Bowe

Time is your only enemy, it disappears very quickly and never gives you a second chance.
Steve Douglas

Chances don't approach you, it's you who approach chances.
Toba Beta

Hope attracts chances.
Toba Beta

I don't buy idea of second chance. With hope we make a lot of chances.
Toba Beta

Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.
Tom Stoppard

Life is not a matter of is a matter of choice.