Labor Day Quotes

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Labor Day Quotes and Sayings
Labor Day Quotes and Sayings

If any man tells you he loves America, yet hates labor, he is a liar. If any man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool.
Abraham Lincoln

Labor was the first price, the original purchase-money that was paid for all things. It was not by gold or by silver, but by labor, that all wealth of the world was originally purchased.
Adam Smith

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
Albert Einstein

Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labor by taking up another.
Anatole France

The end of labor is to gain leisure.

To labor is to pray.
Benedictines's Motto

Your goals and dreams will never happen if you don't Sow Labor Into Time
Brenda Johnson Padgitt

Labour day is a great American holiday that people celebrate by going out and buying products made in China
David Letterman

God give me work, till my life shall end And life, till my work is done.
Epitaph of Winifred Holtby

Don't think of yourself as a surrogate mule, think of yourself as an entrepreneur of the physical.
George Saunders

No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That's the only way to keep the roads clear.
Greg Kincaid

The only liberty an inferior man really cherishes is the liberty to quit work, stretch out in the sun, and scratch himself.
H.L. Mencken

In my opinion, the sun was made to light worthier toil than this.
Henry David Thoreau, Life Without Principle

Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice.
Henry Ford

Heaven is blessed with perfect rest but the blessing of earth is toil.
Henry van Dyke

I don’t have a blue-collar job. It’s more of a green collar, because of all the yellow sweat stains mixing in.
Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

Temperance and labor are the two true physicians of man.
Jean Jacques Rousseau

It is labour indeed that puts the difference on everything.
John Locke

Don't mistake activity with achievement.
John Wooden

God sells us all things at the price of labor.
Leonardo da Vinci

Work isn't to make money; you work to justify life.
Marc Chagall

Without work men are utterly undone
Nevil Shute, Ruined City

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

It is better to wear out than to rust out.
Richard Cumberland

Without labor nothing prospers.

There is an abandonment, an escape, that physical labor bestows.
Steven Gould, Jumper

Hard work is rewarding beyond gold. Sweating is living.
Terri Guillemets

As a cure for worrying, work is better than whiskey
Thomas A. Edison

A mind always employed is always happy. This is the true secret, the grand recipe, for felicity.
Thomas Jefferson

Can anything be imagined more abhorrent to every sentiment of generosity and justice, than the law which arms the rich with the legal right to fix, by assize, the wages of the poor? If this is not slavery, we have forgotten its definition. Strike the right of associating for the sale of labor from the privileges of a freeman, and you may as well bind him to a master, or ascribe him to the soil.
William Cullen Bryant