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Searching for being confused quotes and sayings, now you don't have to search for them anymore. As here I have compiled down some of the famous and funny quotes about being confused and confusion. Just hope you like the quote compiled and not feel confused while stumbling this page.

Confused Quotes and Sayings
Confused Quotes and Sayings

Feeling lost, crazy and desperate belongs to a good life as much as optimism, certainty and reason.
Alain de Botton

Everything at some point has been declared the root of all evil.
Criss Jami

If a man cannot understand the beauty of life, it is probably because life never understood the beauty in him.
Criss Jami

Never hide things from hardcore thinkers. They get more aggravated, more provoked by confusion than the most painful truths.
Criss Jami

With great power often comes great confusion.
Dan Allen

The little waiter's eyebrows wandered about his forehead in confusion.
Douglas Adams

If you want nothing to do with god then why do you say his name all the time
Emily Reimer

Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Don't be afraid to be confused. Try to remain permanently confused. Anything is possible. Stay open, forever, so open it hurts, and then open up some more, until the day you die, world without end, amen.
George Saunders

We should set our goals; then learn to control our appetites. Otherwise, we will lose ourselves in the confusion of the world.
Hark Herald Sarmiento

It may be prodigious, but it's all Greek to me!

And I can't be running back and fourth forever between grief and high delight.
J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

He seemed unaware of the messiness of the arrangement.
J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

It's funny. All you have to do is say something nobody understands and they'll do practically anything you want them to.
J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

Confusion is a luxury which only the very, very young can possibly afford and you are not that young anymore
James Baldwin

To be given permission to be confused -- and remain confused -- for as long as it takes would have been a huge gift.
Janet Jackson

To cut off the confusion and accept an answer just because it's too scary not to have an answer is a good way to get the wrong answer.
Janet Jackson

She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I’d like to make love to.
Jarod Kintz

I don't know what he means by that, but I nod and smile at him. You'd be surprised at how far that response can get you in a conversation where you are completely confused.
Jodi Picoult

I try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face.
Johnny Depp

People don't expect too much from literature. They just want to know they're not alone with being confused.
Jonathan Ames

Life seemed even more of a guessing game than usual.
Julian Barnes

If love isn't real, why do we depend on it so much?
K. Prescott

The world was an awfully large place and it wasn't easy to find a person who'd gone missing sixty years earlier, even if that person was oneself.
Kate Morton

Sometimes you go in one direction, you’re sure it’s right, and it’s not.
Lacey Sturm

We often confuse what we wish for with what is.
Neil Gaiman

Now that I have you thoroughly confused, let me pause to hear your own dismayed cry.
Ray Bradbury

Never make the mistake of thinking you are alone — or inconsequential. Ignorance is voluntary and confusion is temporary. You see the world as-is, which is more than can be said for the vast populace.
Rebecca McKinsey

God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one

What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it.
Salvador DalĂ­

I was just stock in the middle, vague and undefined.
Sarah Dessen

To die old with a young mind is such a tragedy. Naiveness was never a blessing.
Shannon L. Alder

Always a trade. Always a compromise. Until there wasn't anything left to bargain with, because neither one us had any clue what to do.
Steph Campbell

Manipulation, fueled with good intent, can be a blessing. But when used wickedly, it is the beginning of a magician's karmic calamity.
T.F. Hodge

Bewilderment increases in the presence of the mirrors.
Tarjei Vesaas

If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.
Tom Peters

I am here; and here is nowhere in particular.
William Golding

What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba,
That he should weep for her?
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

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