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Now, if you don't mind I'd hate to spoil such a beautiful afternoon on such beautiful land with any further unpleasantries.
John Martson

The only good mornings are the ones that start in the afternoon.

Goodnight to the other side of the world, good afternoon to the middle bits, and good morning to here.

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.
Robert Frost

How did it get so late so soon?
Dr. Seuss

There is an hour of the afternoon when the plain is on the verge of saying something. It never says, or perhaps it says it infinitely, or perhaps we do not understand it, or we understand it and it is untranslatable as music.
Jorge Luis Borges

Cause it's nine in the afternoon and
Your eyes are the size of the moon
You could 'cause you can so you do
We're feeling so good
Just the way that we do
When it's nine in the Afternoon"
Addi Booth (Panic! at the Disco: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out)

It is strange how sad it can be - sunlight in the afternoon, don't you think?
Jean Rhys (Good Morning, Midnight)

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.
Henry James

If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live
Lin Yutang

Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life. Worse still, we take this step with the false presupposition that our truths and our ideals will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.
C. G. Jung

Sometimes in the afternoon sky the moon would pass white as a cloud, furtive, lusterless, like an actress who does not have to perform yet and who, from the audience, in street clothes, watches the other actors for a moment, making herself inconspicuous, not wanting anyone to pay attention to her.
Marcel Proust (Swann's Way)

Spend the afternoon, you can't take it with you.
Annie Dillard

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.
Barbara Jordan

To whom it may concern: It is springtime. It is late afternoon.
Kurt Vonnegut

Sometimes, an afternoon spent in bed with someone can be the most important thing in the universe.
Malcolm Wilson

Night has gone,morning has gone but i have good noon to say you good afternoon.

Good better best, never let it rest, till the good is better, better is best.Good Afternoon

You are my dream when I'm not sleeping, my shining star in the afternoon, my sun to guide my way in the middle of the night, because I truly do love you.

Sometimes, a Sunday afternoon needs a whole mango to be kept entirely for oneself, and eaten in one sitting.
Alison Pill

Usually the best mornings are the ones that begin in the afternoon.