Quotes about Excuses

The real man is one who always finds excuses for others, but never excuses himself.
Henry Ward Beecher

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.
George Washington Carver

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
Benjamin Franklin
Quotes about Excuses
Quotes about Excuses

Any excuse will serve a tyrant.

Never make excuses. Your friends don't need them and your foes won't believe them.
John Wooden

If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses.
Bruce Nauman

Born again?! No, I'm not. Excuse me for getting it right the first time.
Dennis Miller

Several excuses are always less convincing than one.
Aldous Huxley

It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.
George Washington

No one will ever blame you for trying to get it right.
Lorii Myers

An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.
Pope John Paul II

Don't make excuses and Don't talk about it. Do it.
Melvyn Douglas

Give me six lines written by the most honorable of men, and I will find an excuse in them to hang him.
Cardinal Richelieu

I do not believe in excuses. I believe in hard work as the prime solvent of life's problems.
James Cash Penney

Excuses change nothing, but make everyone feel better.
Mason Cooley

Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.
Edward R. Murrow

Don't bother explaining--I've heard all the excuses and the trouble is most of them are true.
John Brunner

As you get older, you don't really have any excuse to be stupid anymore, to be in the dark.
Deryck Whibley

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.
Henry Ward Beecher

And oftentimes excusing of a fault doth make the fault the worse by the excuse.
William Shakespeare

Any excuse to live in New York and do art. Has to be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.
Tommy Chong

Excuse my scribbling, it is late, and I have a poor candle.
Henri Rousseau

I am not the kind of woman who excuses her mistakes while reminding us of what used to be.
Gene Tierney

God's only excuse is that he does not exist.

Continually finding excuses for taking a small glass of brandy and water.
John Leech

It is wise to direct your anger towards problems - not people; to focus your energies on answers - not excuses.
William Arthur Ward

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy.
Milan Kundera

At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.
Steve Maraboli

The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck or coming back with excuses.
G. M. Trevelyan

People spend too much time finding other people to blame, too much energy finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being, and not enough energy putting themselves on the line, growing out of the past, and getting on with their lives.
J. Michael Straczynski

A real failure does not need an excuse. It is an end in itself.
Gertrude Stein

There is a lie in between a promise and many excuses.
Toba Beta

I felt ashamed for what I had done. I don't have any excuses. I did what I did. I take full responsibility for myself and my actions. I wouldn't pawn this off on anybody. I'm sorry it happened. And I hurt people.
Louie Anderson

The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that's the day you start to the top.
O. J. Simpson

Kick the crutch out from under your excuses
Lorii Myers

Excuse the mess but we live here.
Roseanne Barr

Better a bad excuse, than none at all.
William Camden

A Boss in Heaven is the best excuse for a boss on earth, therefore If God did exist, he would have to be abolished.
Mikhail Bakunin

The heart has its reasons but the mind makes the excuses.
Amit Abraham

The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullsh*t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.”
Jordan Belfort

Bad excuses are worse than none.
Thomas Fuller

Don't use your past as an excuse, excuse your excuses and take action now!!!
Bernard Kelvin Clive

A whim, a passing mood, readily induces the novelist to move hearth and home elsewhere. He can always plead work as an excuse to get him out of the clutches of bothersome hosts.
C. S. Forester