Punjabi Quotes

Apniyaan Na Dassan, Te Parayeeyaa Kar Kar Hassaan
Literal Translation: (I) wont’t tell of my own, (although) of others I will tell and tell and laugh (about them).

Auleyan Da Khadha ‘Te Siyaaniya Da Kehaa, Baad Vich Hee Pataa Lagdaa Hai
Literal Translation: Eaten ‘Aulaas’ and the words spoken by the wise are realized later on.

Akh Uhlay Pardes
Literal Translation: (What’s) Away from eyesight, (is like a) foreign (place)
Punjabi Quotes
Punjabi Quotes
Bhatth paya sona jehraa kanna nuu khaavey.
Literal translation: Throw into fire, the gold which damages the ear.

Bhala Hoya Mera Charkha Tutta, Meri Jind Azaabon Chutti
Literal Translation: A good deed happened, my ‘charkha’ broke; and my life was spared from punishment.

Chiddian dee maut ‘te gwaaraan da haasa.
Literal translation: On birds’ death, the foolish laugh.Throw into fire, the gold which damages the ear.

Gharee Dee Vehal Nahi, Dhelay Dee Aamdan Nahi
Literal Translation: Idleness - not even for a minute, Income – not even worth a dhela (penny/paisa)

Ghar da jogi jogrra – Baahar da jogi sidh
Literal Translation: A home member who becomes a yogi is (considered) an amateur yogdaa, but an outside yogi is (considered) a great saint

Ghumyaari Aapne Hi Bhande Nu Salahundi Hai
Literal Translation: A lady potter admires only her own (clay) pots

Hasaaye Da Naa Nahi, Ruaye Da Naa
Literal Translation: (Got) know ‘not’ for making (another) laugh, but for making (another) cry.

Ik Hovey Kamla Te Samjhave Vehraa, Vehraa Hovey Kamla Te Samjhave Kehra?
Literal Translation: If one person is crazy then a veranda (of people) can advice him, but if a veranda (full of people) is crazy then who will advice (them)?

Jaisee vaikhnee taisee paikhnee.
Literal translation: As is the vision, so is the prospective.

Jad Payian Tirkaalan, Te Kuchajji Mareh Chhalaan
Literal Translation: When the dusk fell, the foolish woman started jumping (around frantically to finish her work)

Kuchcharh kudi te shehar tindorra.
Literal Translation: Daughter is in the armpit and parents are finding her in the city.

Ohhee Dubda, Jehra Bohuta Taaru Hovey
Meaning: The person who drowns, is usually the person who considers himself the best swimmer.

Ohhiyo mithaa jehraa nahin dithaa.
Literal translation: Only that is sweeter, which has not been seen.

Pind bhajha nahin mangattay pehlann aa gayay.
Literal translation: The village is not been formed and beggars have already arrived.

Piyo Par Poot, Nasal Par Ghora; Bahuta Nahi Ta Thora Thora
Literal Translation: On farther is the son and like its breed is the horse, if not a lot then at least little little.

Ram Vadhave So Vadhay, Bal Kar Vadhay Na Koye
Literal Translation: (If) God increases then (only) it increases, with force (it) increases not.

Rookhi Sookhy Khai kay Thanda Paani Pee Na Veykh paraayee chonparian na Tarssain jee
Literal Translation: (Eat dry bread and drink cold water Pay no heed or envy those who smear their chapattis with ghee)

Rabb nerrey key ghassun?
Literal Translation: Is the fist closer or is God closer?

Shah Mohamadda, Lokaiyeh jagg kolon bhaven apna hi gur khaiyeh.
Literal Translation: Says, Shah Mohammad: It is better to relish some things out of sight from other, even if it is your own jaggery (brown sugar)

Sakhi naloon shoom bhala, jo turrantt davey jawaab.
Literal translation: A miser (blunt) person is better than a friend who gives a straight answer right away.

Sauh Khaiye Jee Di, Na Putt Di Na Thee Di
Literal Translation: Swear by your life, (but) not by your son’s nor by your daughter’s.

Sajjan Chadiye Rang Seo, Murh Vee Aaun Kum
Literal Translation: Leave your friends with color, (so that) they can be useful again,

Sehat Naroee Te Sabh Koyee
Literal Translation: If health is perfect, then everybody (is yours)

Dheeye Gal Sun, Noohey Kann Karr
Literal Translation: Hey daughter – “Listen to me”, Hey daughter-in-law – “Turn your ears towards me”.

Miyan Sabak Na Deoo, Taan Ghar Vee Na Aaun Deoo?
Literal Translation: If Miyan (teacher) won’t teach you the lesson, will he also prevent you from coming back home?

Raah Paheyaan Jaaniyeh, Jaa Vaah Paheyaan Jaaniyeh ?
Literal Translation: Do you come to know a person when you casually meet him/her, or do you really come to know that person when you have to deal with him/her personally?