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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.
Leonardo da Vinci

The greatest pleasure of life is love.

The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.

The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.
Dale Carnegie

The goal towards which the pleasure principle impels us - of becoming happy - is not attainable: yet we may not - nay, cannot - give up the efforts to come nearer to realization of it by some means or other.
Sigmund Freud

There are no pleasures in a fight but some of my fights have been a pleasure to win.
Muhammad Ali

To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.

When one has the feeling of dislike for evil, when one feels tranquil, one finds pleasure in listening to good teachings; when one has these feelings and appreciates them, one is free of fear.

Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.
William Shakespeare

Pleasure is none, if not diversified.
John Donne

It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.
Niccolo Machiavelli

Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.
Thomas Jefferson

He that raises a large family does, indeed, while he lives to observe them, stand a broader mark for sorrow; but then he stands a broader mark for pleasure too.
Benjamin Franklin

Only he is successful in his business who makes that pursuit which affords him the highest pleasure sustain him.
Henry David Thoreau

That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful.
Edgar Allan Poe

Life is essentially a cheat and its conditions are those of defeat; the redeeming things are not happiness and pleasure but the deeper satisfactions that come out of struggle.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is having lots to do and not doing it.
Andrew Jackson

Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.
Jane Austen

Though sages may pour out their wisdom's treasure, there is no sterner moralist than pleasure.
Lord Byron

I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.
Clarence Darrow

Just got back from a pleasure trip: I took my mother-in-law to the airport.
Henny Youngman

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.
Marquis de Sade

Thought is the labor of the intellect, reverie is its pleasure.
Victor Hugo

If it doesn't work out there will never be any doubt that the pleasure was worth all the pain.
Jimmy Buffett

Perhaps all pleasure is only relief.
William S. Burroughs

The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope.
Samuel Johnson

There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.
Bertrand Russell

It is a clear gain to sacrifice pleasure in order to avoid pain.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Take from the philosopher the pleasure of being heard and his desire for knowledge ceases.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Man is not constituted to take pleasure in the same things always.

Real love is the love that sometimes arises after sensual pleasure: if it does, it is immortal; the other kind inevitably goes stale, for it lies in mere fantasy.
Giacomo Casanova

Pleasure and freedom from pain, are the only things desirable as ends.
John Stuart Mill

The pleasure we derive from doing favors is partly in the feeling it gives us that we are not altogether worthless. It is a pleasant surprise to ourselves.
Eric Hoffer