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Searching for cricket quotes i.e. funny and inspirational quotes about cricket. Now no need to search for them, here I have compiled down some of the famous cricket quotes.

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A cricket ground is a flat piece of earth with some buildings around it.
Richie Benaud

Cricket is a pressure game, and when it comes to an India-Pakistan match the pressure is doubled.
Imran Khan

Cricket is basically baseball on valium.
Robin Williams

Cricket makes no sense to me. I find it beautiful to watch and I like that they break for tea. That is very cool, but I don't understand. My friends from The Clash tried to explain it years and years ago, but I didn't understand what they were talking about.
Jim Jarmusch

Cricket needs brightening up a bit. My solution is to let the players drink at the beginning of the game, not after. It always works in our picnic matches.
Paul Hogan

Cricket the world over, I don't think, will ever know how different things would be without Kerry Packer.
Tony Greig

Cricket to us was more than play, it was a worship in the summer sun.
Edmund Blunden

Down the mine I dreamed of cricket; I bowled imaginery balls in the dark; I sent the stumps spinning and heard them rattling in the tunnels. No mishap was going to stop me from bowling in the real game, especially this one.
Harold Larwood

Endless cricket, like endless anything else, simply grinds you down.
Ted Dexter

Geez, I just played cricket because I loved the game. I never thought about it much, never really had any formal coaching.
Steve Waugh

I tend to think that cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on earth - certainly greater than sex, although sex isn't too bad either.
Harold Pinter

I want to give my six hours of serious cricket on the ground and then take whatever the result.
Sachin Tendulkar

I was a keen sportsman, and became school captain in soccer and cricket.
John E. Walker

I was never any good at cricket thought I love it as a, as a sort of mystery.
Thomas Keneally

If the French noblesse had been capable of playing cricket with their peasants, their chateaux would never have been burnt.
G. M. Trevelyan

Isn't cricket supposed to be a team sport? I feel people should decide first whether cricket is a team game or an individual sport.
Sachin Tendulkar

It is amazing how the public steadfastly refuse to attend the third day of a match when so often the last day produces the best and most exciting cricket.
Frank Woolley

Most Americans think Abner Doubleday invented the game but he had little or nothing to do with cricket.
Henry Chadwick

Still, I believe it is only a passing phase and cricket will one day produce an abundance of great players.
Frank Woolley

You can cut the tension with a cricket stump.
Murray Walker

You might not think that's cricket, and it's not, it's motor racing.
Murray Walker

For six days, thou shall push up and down the line, but on the seventh day thou shall swipe.
Doug Padgett

Of all the races in the Galaxy, only the English could possibly revive the memory of the most horrific wars ever to sunder the Universe and transform it into into what I'm afraid is generally regarded as an incomprehensibly dull and pointless game
Douglas Adams.

When you win the toss – bat. If you are in doubt, think about it, then bat. If you have very big doubts, consult a colleague – then bat.
W. G. Grace.

After years of patient study (and with cricket there can be no other kind), I have decided that there is nothing wrong with the game that the introduction of golf carts wouldn't fix in a hurry.
Bill Bryson

It is not true that the English invented cricket as a way of making all other human endeavours look interesting and lively; that was merely an unintended side effect. I don't wish to denigrate a sport that is enjoyed by millions, some of them awake and facing the right way, but it is an odd game.
Bill Bryson

Cricket had plunged me into politics long before I was aware of it. When I did turn into politics I did not have too much to learn.
C. L. R. James

Cricket is battle and service and sport and art.
Douglas Jardine

Cricket civilises people and creates good gentlemen. I want everyone to play cricket in Zimbabwe; I want ours to be a nation of gentlemen.
Robert Mugabe

What is human life but a game of cricket?
3rd Duke of Dorchester