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Boxing is just show business with blood.
Bruno Frank

Attack is only one half of the art of boxing.
Georges Carpentier

Boxing is the toughest and loneliest sport in the world.
Frank Bruno

As much as I love boxing, I hate it. And as much as I hate it, I love it.
Budd Schulberg

Boxing is the ultimate challenge. There's nothing that can compare to testing yourself the way you do every time you step in the ring.
Sugar Ray Leonard

Boxing brings out my aggressive instinct, not necessarily a killer instinct.
Sugar Ray Leonard

A boxing match is like a cowboy movie. There's got to be good guys and there's got to be bad guys. And that's what people pay for - to see the bad guys get beat.
Sonny Liston

Boxing has become America's tragic theater.
Joyce Carol Oates

Boxing is a celebration of the lost religion of masculinity all the more trenchant for its being lost.
Joyce Carol Oates

Boxing is a lot of white men watching two black men beat each other up.
Muhammad Ali

Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book.
Joe Frazier

Boxing gave me the opportunities to grow into the person that I am today.
Alexis Arguello

Boxing is smoky halls and kidneys battered until they bleed.
Roger Kahn

Boxing is about being hit rather more than it is about hitting, just as it is about feeling pain, if not devastating psychological paralysis, more than it is about winning.
Joyce Carol Oates

Boxing was the only career where I wouldn't have to start out at the bottom. I had a good resume.
Sugar Ray Leonard

Boxing, for me, it's the beginning of all sports. I'm willing to bet that the first sport was a man against another man in a fight, so I think that's something innate in all of us.
Omar Epps

I love boxing. There's something fierce about using your body's force that way.
Sophia Bush

It's less about the physical training, in the end, than it is about the mental preparation: boxing is a chess game. You have to be skilled enough and have trained hard enough to know how many different ways you can counterattack in any situation, at any moment.
Jimmy Smits

Boxing is like jazz. The better it is, the less people appreciate it.
George Foreman

Sure, there have been injuries and deaths in boxing - but none of them serious.
Alan Minter

That's the most beautiful thing that I like about boxing: you can take a punch. The biggest thing about taking a punch is your ego reacts and there's no better spiritual lesson than trying to not pay attention to your ego's reaction.
David O. Russell

The bell that tolls for all in boxing belongs to a cash register.
Bob Verdi

When archaeologists discover the missing arms of Venus de Milo, they will find she was wearing boxing gloves.
John Barrymore